August is Ours

August is Ours is a band from Greenville, NC.  Pictured above is lead singer JT Ackerman.  JT self manages the band and has toured North America and Europe.  August is Ours new single, Toxic Lips was released in January and now has over 1500 hits on Spotify.  This single is very tasteful and really shows off JT’s vocals.

Now every band has their problems, however JT struggles majorly with finding band members as dedicated as him.  For instance while touring Europe and other places in America JT performs as “August is Ours Solo,” where he performs acoustically and ALONE.  When talking to JT, he mentioned he has been through multiple members because of the fact that most of them have been college students.  With that being said, in my opinion JT Ackerman needs to go solo.  I could definitely see JT being more successful as an acoustic artist.  He has the personality, the style and not to mention he already performs solo for most of the shows.  Okay yes, I am a fan of acoustic music so I may be a little bias.  However, his acoustic songs have a really unique sound and emphasize his vocals well.

Overall though, August is Ours is an original band and have a feel good sound.  AND LASTLY I am in no way saying I do not like their music or them in general.  I actually really dig them and enjoy their music.

So thanks for reading, make sure you listen to their track and definitely leave your Unnecessary Fangirl Opinion.


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